2012 [01] C. GUYTON

Today’s Featured Individual 2012 Feature | Corey Guyton, PhD

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Educator, & Husband

“I had a mission, I knew what I wanted to do…” – Corey Guyton, PhD




“Through the Eyes of a Man,” more specifically through the eyes of an author providing a proactive tool to expose the harsh realities of college dating to young women.   Through the eyes of a doctor (PhD) who rose up through the educational ranks against all the pressures and hurdles associated with it.  Through the eyes of an inspirational speaker, lending sound advice to those who receive it.  Through the eyes of a Black Greek Letter Organization member speaking to issues and benefits of the Greek System.  Finally, through the eyes of a dedicated husband learning how to love and grow with his wife day-by-day.

Corey Guyton is a self-motivated individual who I respect very much, not because of title or association, but more so because of his pure drive and pure determination to become something bigger than himself, and his willingness to encouragement and freely help his fellow man.  Corey was chosen as Today’s Featured Individual because Corey is connected to many items I hold near-and-dear to me, and many items that represent Todaysindividual Dotcom.  Without further ado, watch the video below and hear Corey’s story, encouragement, and words of wisdom.  Ladies and gentlemen, Corey Guyton, PhD!



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